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  The food we create, is what we serve to our family and in our hope, you might want to serve to your loved ones as well...
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My name is Bliss and I wanted to introduce myself. I am a food lover and enthusiast to the core as well as the voice behind Blissful Table.

My passions laid root when I was a young child, always surrounded by amazing women who knew how to cook. Summers on the gulf coast fed by my grandmother, feasting on fresh seafood and southern home cooking to experimenting in my family’s kitchen nestled in New York.... I made a lot of peanut butter in those early days. Flash forward 30 or so years and I am still in the kitchen never not learning. I have had the pleasure of working in this industry off and on since the late 90’s and would listen to anyone willing to spare a minute and teach me something new, always raising the bar to what will challenge me next. I have worn many hats from front of the house to back and I am beyond grateful for my journey. Of everything I have pursued, personally or professionally, my calling always returns to the heart of the home, the kitchen which is warm and smells of cinnamon most of the time.


What gets me excited are usually the simple things. Soft scrambled eggs, avocado, homemade strawberry jam, peanut butter anything, proper southern cooking, gravy (from Country to Sunday), strong coffee, flaky croissants (I have yet to make them myself), roasted eggplant, fresh from the source raw honey, caramelized onions, anything slow cooked or braised and a good burger.

I cook every day and still experiment, like I did as a child but this time I am taking record of what I have learned and sharing my experience with you.


Let me introduce Brian, the other half of Blissful Table.

Brian also started young in the food industry. Working behind the deli line, slicing mortadella as thin as paper or stretching warm mozzarella in his teens. The largest influence in his culinary pursuits was likely his Papaw Joe whom I was told always made food taste effortless and chocolate chip cookies that no others could compare. Brian loves deep dish pizza, pancakes, a good curry and the Yankees. He would describe a perfect day, just watching the game with a hot dog in hand.

Jump ahead a few years, Brian and I meet through our work. I still remember the first time I ever laid eyes on him, so tall and at 6 foot 9”, towering above all the metro shelving. We quickly became friends, relating not on our height (I stand at 5 feet even), but on life, our love of a good meal and our mutual sense of humor. Love for each other came shortly after that. We have been married since 2007 and still laugh more than anything else.


this is bliss

this is brian


The youngest members of our team are our daughters, Ella and Adelyn.

Ella, always the good eater, will try everything twice. She, like her mother, loves to get into the kitchen and experiment, priding herself on the one-minute microwave mug cake but can also make a mean chicken parmesan when put to task. A lover of animals of any kind, Ella’s kitchen aspirations including learning how to make pet treats, particularly for our dog Molly, a sweet Labrador mix and notorious butter thief. Her favorites consist of brothy ramen noodles, homemade sushi, waffles, Nutella on toast, loaded gyros and a big salad.


Adelyn, would eat a sandwich for every meal if she were allowed but she holds the highest esteem for tacos with spicy guacamole which are made more often than just Tuesday. An artist at her core, she loves to bake and shape more than anything and will spend an hour or more decorating just one cookie to perfection. Adelyn is also the cheese connoisseur of the house and even at a young age, can appreciate that perfect bite of an aged gouda, studded with salt crystals and paired with a sweet preserve.

Here we are, all gathered around the table. It is nice to meet you.

this is ella

this is adelyn



Blissful Table began as a passion, that over time took shape. It centers itself around modern everyday cuisine, that is simple to challenging but always comforting. The food we create, is what we serve to our family and in our hope, you might want to serve to your loved ones as well.

Our first steps in introductions will be to share what we have learned. From recipes, memories, tales of our culinary adventures, tips and tricks, as well as recommended items we love and sometimes cannot live without. In our next stage of launch, will come goods we make from our own kitchen along with products we adore.

The dream of Blissful Table is a work in progress but also a goal. Small steps and big leaps all along the way. Our hope is to keep learning and continue growing. Taking this journey of Blissful Table to it's destination one day at a time. Thank you for being here with us and for all those supporting and inspiring us along the way.

With love always,

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our dog molly

bliss and brian

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