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The Granola Menu: 
All of our granola's are made with Rolled Oats from River Valley Community Grains, Based out of New Jersey. We use a three grain blend that includes Quinoa and Brown Rice. Granola's are sweetened with either Pure Maple Syrup, Local Honey or Agave. We produce in small batches and every bag is hand packed with all our love! It's even an ingredient on our label! We carry a wide range of standard and seasonal flavors. Offerings will vary.

First Batch - The “OG": Packed with Jumbo Pecans, Shaved Coconut and Cranberry. This was the one that started it all.

The Original Bird Mix: Nut free! Packed with Pepita, Sunflower and Chia Seeds, Shaved Coconut and Plump Crimson Raisins.

Vanilla Blueberry Cashew: Real Vanilla Bean infused base, Jumbo Cashew and Dried Blueberries.

P-Nutty Butter: Almonds, Shaved Coconut, Plump Golden Raisins and Peanut Butter throughout.

Lemony Poppy: Almonds, Shaved Coconut, Poppy Seeds, Candied Lemon Peel and Kissed with Real Lemon Juice and Zest.

Peachy Keen: Jumbo Walnuts, Dried Peaches & Apricots and Scented with Cinnamon.

Ice Cream Sundae - Addy's Blend: Nut Free! With Real Vanilla Bean, All Natural Rainbow Sprinkles and Yogurt Chips.

All the Love - Ella's Mix: Chocolate Base, Shaved Coconut, Dried Raspberries, Dark & White Chocolate Chips.

Chocolate HAZZ-el-nut: Hazelnuts, Shaved Coconut, Dark Chocolate Chips and Hemp Seed, Sweetened with Agave.

Nana's Apple Walnut: Jumbo Walnuts, Dried Fuji Apple, Crimson Raisins and Scented with Cinnamon.

Cherry P'Tachio: Pistachio, Shaved Coconut, Dried Bing Cherries and Apricots.

Coffee BuZZZ: Almonds, Cacao Nib, Flax Seed, Espresso Powder and Yogurt Chips.

New Flavors Coming Soon! Cocoa Banana, PB& Strawberry, Matcha, The Bee's Knee's and MORE!

Sample Pop-Up Menu:
What is a Pop-Up? TEXT TEXT TEXT Here are some of our favorites...

Jumbo Café Cookies:  Classic Chocolate Chunk, Cornmeal Honey Lemon Sugar Cookie, Ruby Rose Reverse Chocolate Chip

Brownies and Bars:  Triple Chocolate Brownies,  Maple Walnut Blondie,  Lemon Bar,

Handcrafted & Artisanal Cookies:

  • Iced All-Butter Shortbread Cookies

  • Classic Almond Linzer Cookie with Fresh Raspberry Jam

  • Hazelnut & Nutella Linzer Cookie

  • Butter Pecan Alfajore with Dulce de Leche & Praline Pecans

  • Oatmeal “Horchata” Alfajore with Dulce De Leche & Cinnamon Rice Crisp

  • Double Chocolate Butter Cream Cookies

  • Taro Yam Alfajore with Dulce De Leche & Macadamia Nut

  • Lime & Raspberry Buttercream Sandwich Cookie

  • Strawberries & Cream Sandwich Cookies

  • Rainbow Cookies - The Classic Layered Confection, with Almond, Raspberry  Chocolate

  • Flour-less Honey-Coconut Macaroons with White Chocolate & Bee Pollen

  • Pistachio Rosewater Cookies – Dipped in White Chocolate

DIY Cookie Kit:  Includes: Six Jumbo All-Butter Shortbread Cookies, Three Packs Fancy Sprinkles, Three Ready to Go Tubes of Royal Icing.

Small Batch Granola such as The Original - First Batch, Lemony Poppy, Chocolate HAZZ-el-nut

Cakes & Tea Breads: Citrus Olive Oil Cake with Lemon Glaze 6", Blueberry Buckle 6”,  Zucchini Loaf, Kentucky Bourbon Butter Cake