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Deep Dish Skillet Cookie

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Would you call that a Pizookie? There is nothing quite like warming up on a cold day with something homemade, gooey and borderline decedent. This recipe is simple and requires only a bit of patience. I strongly recommend making this with your kids as I wrote this recipe for one specifically. Serves many and goes over well for a crowd. A potluck perhaps? Served as is or topped with mounds of ice cream, bananas, berries and/or sprinkles. Let loose and watch those kids have fun!

Deep Dish Skillet Cookie


2 2/3 cups all-purpose flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp kosher or sea salt

1 cup (2 sticks) butter – softened

¾ cups granulated sugar

¾ cups light brown sugar (firmly packed)

2 large eggs

1 tbs molasses

½ tbsp vanilla extract

2 tbs whole milk

1 ½ - 2 cups chocolate chips or chunks

Optional: ½ cup chopped walnuts or pecans

Non-stick cookie spray


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

You will need a large cast iron skillet 10 to 12 inches in diameter that has been prepared with non-stick baking spray or greased lightly with butter.

Prepare your cookie dough by combining the flour, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Set aside.

In a separate bowl with an electric mixture, cream your butter and sugar until just combined. Add your eggs, molasses and vanilla and blend until smooth. To your butter mixture, add your dry ingredients and combine. Add milk and blend until cookie batter is formed. Fold in chocolate pieces and nuts if using.

Press cookie dough into prepared skillet until evenly distributed across the pan.

Bake on the center rack of oven for approximately 45 minutes give or take. Additional time may be needed if you use a smaller pan as the cookie will be thicker. Your cookie will be done when it is evenly deep golden brown, and the center of the cookie is still soft with a slight jiggle but not too doughy and under cooked. Remove from oven and allow to cool. The retained heat in the cast iron skillet will complete the baking process.

Resist the temptation (if you can) to dive into this cookie! Allow cookie to rest at least 20-30 minutes before serving. The longer it sits, the better it is. Promise!

~Serves one hungry giant or eight normal sized people.

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