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Shrimp Poke Grain Bowl

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

One of my favorite foods on this planet is shrimp. I like them in just about any form. Poached, sauteed, fried you name it. This is a version of a way to enjoy the sweet flavor of the shell fish, in a light and bright way. Complimented with a flavorful marinade, added post cooking, accompanied with bright flavors of cucumber, carrot, and avocado and anchored to the hearty base of grains. Dial up the heat to your preference and enjoyed, preferably on a sunny day outside.

Shrimp Poke Grain Bowls


1-pound fresh jumbo shrimp, peeled, tail removed and deveined 4 cups, cook and cooled quinoa that has been seasoned with salt (brown rice or any other grain can be substituted) 2 large ripe avocados, peeled and pitted 1 cup shelled edamame 2 large carrots, peeled into ribbons 1 English cucumber, seeds removed and diced Micro greens for garnish such as broccoli sprouts or bok choy sprouts (optional)


2 tbsp soy sauce, regular or low sodium ½ tbsp chili garlic sauce (more/less) 2 tsp toasted sesame oil 1 tsp toasted sesame seeds, plus more for garnish 1 large scallion, minced, plus more for garnish 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar Pinch of salt and pepper


½ - 1 tbsp Sriracha (depending on your heat preference)

1/3 cup mayonnaise or Kewpie


In a small mixing bowl, add marinade ingredients of soy sauce , chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, minced scallion (both the white and green ends), honey, rice vinegar and season with a small amount of salt and pepper. If using regular soy sauce, you may want to omit the added salt. Whisk marinade together with a fork or small whisk and set aside.

Bring to a simmer, in a medium saucepan filled halfway with lightly salted water, poach cleaned shrimp until pink and tails are curled, about 8 minutes. Drain and set aside to cool. With a sharp knife, dice shrimp into bite sized pieces. Add diced shrimp directly to marinade and toss until completely covered. Let marinading tuna sit to infuse while assembling the bowls. About 10 -15 minutes.

Assemble your vegetables on a clean cutting board by peeling the carrots into long ribbons, set aside. Dice cucumber, seeds removed but skin on, into ½ inch pieces. Peel and pit avocados and carefully slice into thin slices but keeping the flesh together (it will be easiest to fan this way when serving). Slice any additional scallion used in the garnish.

Make your sauce by mixing in a small bowl the sriracha and mayonnaise together. Place sauce into either a squeeze bottle or a plastic bag that could be used to pipe onto bowls when assembling.

Begin assembling bowls by portioning your cooked and cooled quinoa into four separate serving bowls and make a bed with the grain. Portion one forth of the marinate shrimp to the side of each bowl. Next to the shrimp portion, place carrot ribbons equally across each bowl. Repeat this process, placing each ingredient next to one another, portioned equally, with the diced cucumber, edamame and ½ of each avocado, carefully fanned. By this point the tops of the grains should be complete covered by your toppings.

To finish, squeeze spicy mayo sauce over each bowl equally, using a back-and-forth method. If using a plastic bag to pipe, cut the corner of the bag with a small hole to dispense. Garnish with additional scallion and toasted sesame seeds. If using micro greens, place a small mound in the center of each bowl. Serve and enjoy!

~Serves four people

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